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ATM Gold

If you use an ATM in Arkansas you might strike gold instead of dollar bills. Arkansas Federal Credit Union wanted to raise its maximum ATM transaction amount from $300 to $500 but was concerned about the increased frequency of reloading its machine. The solution was found in dispensing the new Sacagawea golden one dollar coin which freed up a note dispenser for $50 bills.The credit union is the first financial institution in the country to dispense the newly minted, golden one dollar coin at an ATM. AFCU has a network of 14 Diebold advanced-function ATMs in their branch offices providing a variety of services, including the ability to cash checks to the penny. The credit union serves the Little Rock Air Force Base, Fort Chaffee, Camp Pike and Camp Robinson; the National Guard and Reserves; federal, state, county and municipal government agencies and select employer groups throughout Arkansas.

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