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Translucent Cards

The coolest trend in credit cards is the advent of translucent credit cards. American Express introduced its first translucent card last September with the new Blue Card and now the first translucent VISA and MasterCard is here. MBNA received this week its first shipment of its translucent Quantum VISA/MasterCard to distribute to new customers. However there is a difference in the technology used in producing the cards. When American Express introduced the Blue Card last year a number of problems surfaced with using a translucent card in ATMs and certain credit card terminals. American Express modified the cards, using opaqueness to overcome the problem. The MBNA translucent card is being produced by Illinois-based Perfect Plastic Printing. PPP says it uses technology to allow the new card to operate in ATM and POS equipment around the world. The card manufacturer has even applied for a patent for its new translucent card product. Last month, MBNA introduced the Quantum bank credit card offering a credit line up to $1 million and with an optional air mileage program that enables cardholders to earn up to one million miles per year. (See CardNews for 6-19-00) For more information on the American Express Blue Card visit For more information on the MBNA Quantum VISA/MasterCard visit quantum_info.html.

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