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Beamer VISA

BMW is peeling out with two new VISA credit cards. BMW is now offering the BMW Ultimate Card and the BMW Card. The new credit cards will be offered through the BMW Bank of North America, an Industrial Loan Corp. in the state of Utah. The BMW Ultimate Card, a VISA Signature card, awards points with every purchase that can be redeemed for rewards designed specifically for BMW drivers such as rebates on future vehicle loans or leases, additional miles on a vehicle lease, or a variety of BMW merchandise. Ultimate cardholders receive an initial bonus of 5,000 points and then one point for each dollar charged thereafter. Cardholders can earn a maximum of 10,000 points in a single month, and no more than 100,000 points in a one year period. Unredeemed points expire after three years. The Ultimate BMW/VISA Signature card carries a $100 annual fee and a Prime +9% APR. The BMW Card, a VISA Platinum card, has no annual fee and a Prime +7% APR. The BMW/VISA Platinum card does not offer the same rewards program as the Ultimate version but does offer a points program redeemable for free BMW merchandise. For more information

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