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My-Points Car-Club

The credit card keeps getting better. This week, teamed up with J.D. Power Clubs to launch a new membership service. Carclub by MyPoints is a new clicks-and-mortar program which enables MyPoints members to earn points offline for just about everything automotive — from car purchases and insurance to financing and repairs. MyPoints members earn up to 1,500 points for enrolling in the co-branded club, as well as two points per dollar spent on products and services with carclub-affiliated vendors. Members can earn an extra point per dollar spent by using their MyPoints MasterCard for carclub purchases. Points earned through carclub by MyPoints are in addition to the other earning opportunities offered by the MyPoints Program including reading and responding to targeted email and Web-based offers, filling out surveys, shopping and taking other actions advantageous to’s business clients. Under the Carclub by MyPoints program, members may receive a stored value MasterCard with which they can purchase gasoline at a 10% discount this year. If a member’s car is damaged and the cost of repairs exceeds the insurance deductible, carclub by MyPoints will reimburse the auto insurance deductible amount paid by the member up to $500. National insurance companies offer special rates to carclub by MyPoints members. Members may call carclub by MyPoints from any phone, 24 hours a day, seven days a week for step-by-step directions if lost while driving. Members also have round-the-clock access to automotive experts for assistance with automotive maintenance and repair issues. For detailed product information please call 800-890-9351, 212-699-8050, ext. 7702 from outside North America, or visit at Details on, a J.D. Power Club, may be found at and

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