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ATMs Get Snappy

Boring looking ATMs are getting “snappled”. Snapple all-natural beverages and ATM manufacturer Diebold have teamed up to create the Snapple Wrap Program. Under the deal, Diebold ATMs in six states will be covered with a vinyl wrap that bears the Snapple logo. The program is the latest in Diebold’s “Advertise 2 Maximize” program which secures advertisers for its customers on a local,regional and national level. Advertisers can choose to brand ATMs within close proximity of their products with vinyl wrapping, printed receipts, on-screen messages or signage at freestanding terminals. OR-based Card Capture Services locates the appropriate terminals for the program. The Snapple program runs through September, on ATMs in Baltimore; Chicago; Indianapolis; Harrisburg and Lancaster, Pa.; Hartford and New Haven, Conn. and Raleigh-Durham, N.C.

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