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Discover Acceptance

Did you know the Discover card is accepted at nearly 90% of places across the U.S. where you can use a VISA or MasterCard? Most consumers assume that Discover has a limited acceptance among U.S. merchants. This month Discover is seeking to dispel that perception with the launch of its “Acceptance Awareness” campaign. The advertising campaign has begun appearing on billboards and in a variety of print media including Newsweek, People, Sports Illustrated and Time this week. The creative depicts the Discover Card logo imprinted on objects that are representative of certain merchants. For example, one of the advertisements shows the Discover Card logo embedded in a plank of wood and the tagline reads, “The Discover Card is accepted at 1000 new locations every day including Home Depot.” The Discover Card is now accepted at 3.6 million locations in the U.S. VISA and MasterCard are accepted at approximately 4.5 million U.S. locations. American Express is accepted at approximately 3.7 million U.S. locations. To view the new Discover Card ad campaign visit CardWatch ( (password access required).

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