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Getting Pumped

The Blue Priceline for Gasoline Card is waiving the $3 monthly processing fee. More than one million U.S. consumers have signed up for the program and more than 5,000 gas retailers nationwide are now participating. In July, the first 250,000 charter customers priced over 6 million gallons of gasoline at an average savings of 12 cents a gallon off the pump price. Priceline says it has mailed cards to all 1.2 million charter customers. Priceline for Gasoline allows customers to name their own price per gallon and fill up at a gas station selected by Priceline from the customer’s list of favorites. Additionally, while all retailers get the full pump price from customers using the blue Priceline Gasoline Card, many gas stations pay Priceline for Gasoline a marketing fee to attract additional customers. Priceline for Gasoline is currently available in 46 of the 48 continental United States. Priceline for Gasoline is not available in New Jersey and Missouri because of state regulations. For more information visit http//

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