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Smile Mastercard

Airline cards without annual fees are a rare breed. Sun Country Airlines and MBNA have taken off with the new no-annual-fee Smile Awards MasterCard. Under the program, each time a member makes a Sun Country Airlines ticket purchase, they earn ten points for every dollar spent. For Vacations by Sun Country purchases, members earn three points for every dollar spent. For all other purchases, members earn one point for every dollar spent. Free travel redemptions start at 25,000 miles for a free domestic ticket. For 45,000 miles you can fly business class to Europe via Icelandair. As a jump start to the credit card, new cardholders receive a 2,500 miles bonus for their first purchase with the card. New cardholders also receive a $50 coupon for their next Sun Country purchase. The card carries a fixed interest rate of 14.99%. For more information visit

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