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Ultrasonic Card

The search for a foolproof way to use credit cards on the Internet may be ending. This week a new Internet payment card was unveiled that uses ultrasonic technology for secure transactions and account access. The new ComSense card is equipped with technology known as Comdot. Comdot is the world’s first bankcard technology that does not require a card reader, because it uses sound, a capability that is highly standardized and pervasive on PCs. Pressing the flat Comdot button, which is identified by a printed logo on the card, causes the Internet card to talk with a PC. Cardholders simply browse to a Comdot-ready Web site that automatically equips a multimedia PC to communicate with the cards. The ComSense technology is not limited to access and security, since each Web page can carry different instructions that are activated when the consumer clicks the Comdot button. One of the first implementations of Comdot technology will be for use with credit cards. The company says it is working with VISA to explore opportunities for its member banks and their cardholders. ComSense says it plans to place VISA or MasterCard approved cards into circulation with its first set of major credit card issuers by the end of this year.

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