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Credit card offers on the Internet continue to be one of hottest marketing products online. This news comes as new data shows the Internet has reached critical mass. The latest Internet tracking data shows that 52% of the U.S. home population is now surfing the Web. Nearly 144 million people in the U.S. had access to the Internet from home this summer, compared to 106.3 million a year ago. In the first half of 2000, MBNA America, the third largest issuer in the U.S., added 500,000 new accounts via the Internet and expects 1 million new accounts to be added through this source in 2000. Among the top 25 advertisers on the Internet NextCard, Capital One, and Providian/Aria. According to Nielsen/NetRatings, U.S. Internet users spent nearly ten hours a month online, an increase of 26% over the past year. Page views have doubled over the past year from 353 to 709 page views per month. Nielsen/NetRatings says lower prices for personal computers and competitive rates for high-speed Internet access has been driving the growth towards critical mass. Even though Web usage has increased, the number of sites people visit has dropped in the past year. Also the number of clicks generated from Web Ads has declined to one click for every 200 ad impressions from six in 200 ads four years ago. However response to credit card ads, including slots on, produce extraordinary response rates averaging ten clicks for every 200 ad impressions.

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