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Parents are bummed out when it comes to whipping out their plastic for back-to-school shopping. Surprisingly parents spend more money on daughters than sons by a 2:1 margin. According to a back-to-school survey conducted on, parents indicated that they spent more than $500 per child for back-to-school shopping. When it came to parents describing their back-to-school shopping experience, it was anything but pleasant. About 62% of parents described back to school shopping as either “irritating as fingers scratching a chalkboard”, “as painful as having their teeth pulled” or “as uneventful as watching grass grow.” However, 38% said back-to-school shopping was as “carefree as a walk in the park. An overwhelming 88% of mothers did the back-to-school shopping, while only 12% of fathers took their children shopping for back to school.

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