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Teens Okay

Teenagers spend prudently and are not cash-crazy when it comes to using payment cards. The average purchase made on prepaid teen cards is $23.88 compared to an average purchase transaction of $80.84 made on bank credit cards and $30.72 made on debit cards. Prepaid teen cards are also re-loaded once every 1.02 months with the unspent balance on each card averaging $21.00. The findings come from fifteen months of tracking the performance of 10,000 PocketCard users. The PocketCard is a parent-sponsored prepaid VISA debit card. Under the card program, teenagers have use of a VISA card for POS and ATM while parents monitor card use via email or online. PocketCard also found that 84% of parents allow their teens ATM access with the PocketCard VISA, however, teens on average only withdrew money from ATM machine once every two months. PocketCard says learning to spend wisely with a debit card as a teen will prevent the credit card debt that plagues hundreds of thousands of young adults. For more information visit

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