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Second VISA Buxx

The new prepaid VISA card for teenagers picked up a second issuer this week. Bank of America is releasing its version of VISA Buxx. The BofA VISA Buxx Card also features gift certificates redeemable at specified merchants who have joined the program. Certain merchants have agreed to offer additional discounts and other incentives throughout the year when customers pay with a VISA Buxx Card. VISA announced the development of the parent-controlled, re-loadable payment card in August. Parents are able to monitor how much money their teen spends by viewing current or past account statements on the VISA Buxx website or by a toll-free number that details where and when purchases were made. The teen’s name is embossed on the card, and all materials are mailed directly to the parents’ address. U.S. Bancorp became the first VISA Buxx issuer with the release of its card on Aug. 21. Parents can sign up for a Bank of America Buxx card by visiting . Parents can apply for a U.S. Bank VISA Buxx card for their teen at http// Parents can apply for the card, load funds on the card and track teen spending entirely through the Internet at

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