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Voice Cards

Forget about PINs, fingerprints and iris scans, there may be a better way to authenticate yourself in the near future. This new payment solution verifies and authenticates customers over the Internet or cell phone by their voice using advanced biometrics technology. By enhancing ‘Something You Have’ (Credit Card) and ‘Something You Know’ (Password, PIN or Digital Certificate) with ‘Something You Are’ (Voice), the new solution resolves the problem of verifying that the individual executing a transaction is the individual authorized to do so. The technology guarantees that ‘you are who you say you are, wherever you are’. The company behind the technology is Buytel and its subsidiary Trust5. Buytel’s Voicevault is a world leading technology platform which performs a voice verification in less than 0.5 of a second regardless of where in the world a person is located or whether the routing configuration is telephone or internet based. The Voicevault system records and verifies voice patterns using Buytel’s advanced patented technology and a key benefit of the system is that the user does not require any hardware or software except for a telephone. Trust5 has developed a unique ‘layered security mechanism’ that verifies and authenticates customers executing payments in the virtual world of internet and mobile commerce. Trust5 will deliver 100% guaranteed authentication and eliminate fraud for all Trust5 certified transactions. This solution will help consumers to overcome their fear of purchasing goods and services through virtual channels. For more information visit or

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