Consumer Payment Card News


Earning free CDs, concert tickets, audio equipment has never been easier. Capital One and BMG Entertainment have teamed up to offer a co-branded bank credit card. The new Capital One/BMG VISA enables cardholders to earn 3 points for every $1 spent in the BMG Music Service (CDs and other merchandise) and 1 point for every $1 spent elsewhere. The points may be redeemed for free CDs, concert tickets, audio equipment, and gift certificates to buy from the BMG Music Service catalog. New cardholders also receive a free CD for their first purchase with the new BMG VISA. Until Jan. 1, 2001, a portion of every BMG VISA transaction will be donated to the Christina Aguilera Foundation benefiting abused, homeless or sick children. Cap One is charging an intro APR of 3.9% through the May 2001 billing period followed by an on-going APR of 12.9% (fixed) for the Classic VISA version of the program. Students applying for the card will be issued the College Student VISA card which carries an APR of 19.80% (fixed). For more information or phone at 1-888-BMG-VISA.

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