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Cards For Bags

An airline has come up with a program to issue stored value debit cards to passengers with lost luggage. Swissair and Sabena airlines are offering passengers who are waiting for lost luggage to be found, MasterCard debit cards to cover costs for immediate needs. The debit cards carry various amounts and are distributed to passengers who arrive at their final destination in the U.S. only without their checked bags. The airline says the majority of lost luggage is found and returned within 24 hours. The Swissair and Sabena MasterCard debit cards are valid until funds on the cards are depleted. The cards cannot be used at ATM’s or bank tellers for cash withdrawals. Swissair offers direct service to Switzerland from Atlanta, Miami, New York, Newark, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington,D.C., Montreal and Los Angeles. For more information call Swissairat 1-800-221-4750 or Sabena at 1-800-955-2000.

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