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SIFE to the Rescue

With students flunking financial literacy VISA and SIFE are gearing up to offer personal finance lessons next month. Students in Free Enterprise and VISA U.S.A are launching a special competition as part of “Responsible Use of Credit Week”, November 5-11. SIFE Teams will compete in an effort to increase the financial literacy of their peers. From balancing a checkbook, creating and sticking to a budget, to understanding the pros and cons of credit cards, college students will be getting a personal finance lessons. During VISA’s special competition, SIFE Teams will conduct week-long educational events to reach their college peers and other young adults in their communities. Teams are developing unique and cutting-edge tools such as web pages, videos and pamphlets, campus workshops, lunch seminars, interactive web games and instruction for single mothers. Teams are competing for $13,500 in prize money that will go to their school’s SIFE Team. They will be judged on how effective they are at teaching fellow collegians an understanding of the responsible use of debit and credit cards, and wise money management skills. Active on more than 800 college campuses in 49 states and 15 countries, SIFE is a non-profit organization that works in partnership with business and higher education to help students take what they are learning in the classroom and apply it in real working situations. For more information, contact SIFE World Headquarters in Springfield, Missouri, at 1-800-677-SIFE or visit

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