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Extra Perks

Here is your chance to easily rack up some serious air miles! By signing up with the Northwest Airlines WorldPerks program between now and Dec. 15 you can earn up to 40,000 Bonus Miles. Current members of WorldPerks can also earn up to 34,000 WorldPerks Bonus Miles. For customers who are not yet WorldPerks members, they can earn up to 6,000 WorldPerks Bonus miles by joining the program and flying Northwest or any of its 26 global airline partners during the promotional period. Current members will earn 1,000 WorldPerks Bonus Miles for the first one-way or round-trip flight and 5,000 for the second round-trip flown during this period. New and current WorldPerks members can earn up to 20,000 WorldPerks Bonus Miles with Sprint Nickel Nights by registering for Sprint residential long-distance service by Dec. 15. New and current WorldPerks members are also eligible to earn up to 14,000 WorldPerks Bonus Miles with the WorldPerks VISA card. They will receive 5,000 Bonus Miles upon card approval, when they apply before Dec. 15 and another 5,000 Bonus Miles after keeping the card for 15 months. Also, both new and current WorldPerks VISA cardholders can earn 4,000 WorldPerks Bonus miles by charging $1,000 or more on direct Northwest purchases, such as airline tickets, Northwest gift certificates, WorldClubs memberships and through merchandise purchases at Northwest’s WORLDgear stores. New enrollees can call Northwest Reservations at 800-225-2525, or enroll online at To register for Sprint Nickel Nights, visit /2000campaign.shtml or 877-301-0313. WorldPerks members can apply for the WorldPerks VISA Card by visiting or calling 800-360-2900, extension 895.

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