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Future Wallet

Not long from now your wallet might resemble a Palm device. WearLogic has come up with a physical wallet that combines a personal digitial assistant with personal mobile commerce tools. The new SmartWear product line integrates a leather wallet with a display, keyboard, and the technology necessary to work with PCs, mobile phones, smart cards, and the Internet. SmartWear uses proprietary technology that enables the display and other electronics in the wallet products to fold, twist, crush, and adapt to any desired form. Using one single password and the option of smart cards for additional security, consumers will be able to determine what information in their wallet is public, like their emergency information, and what is private, like their social security number. WearLogic will be one of the first companies worldwide to utilize Bluetooth technology, meaning that the SmartWear Wallet will communicate with an array of wireless devices including PCs, mobile phones, PDAs, and point-of-sale-terminals using the cable-free convenience of the new protocol. For more information, please visit the company’s website at

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