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Smart VISA #3

The nation’s second largest bank credit card issuer has jumped on the smart VISA bandwagon. Bank One/First USA is introducing its new smart VISA card in early November. First USA joins Fleet and Providian as the first issuers of the new smart credit card from VISA. The First USA smart VISA enables consumers to store all of their Internet usernames and passwords, favorite web sites, personal profile information and credit card information on the card. The encrypted chip data is managed by SmartView software. Cardholders receive one smart card reader for the PC and the SmartView software for free. First USA is also offering 5% cash back at select online merchants, including,,, and The card carries a six-month 1.9% intro APR that requires a balance transfer. Consumers may currently request a “Private Offer” by filling out an inquiry form on First USA’s Web site. For more information visit

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