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Grinch Card

Austin Powers got a credit card and now Jim Carrey is getting a gift card. Wells Fargo announced this week it will offer a disposable, prepaid Holiday Season Grinch VISA Gift Card. The card will be sold via the bank’s Web site and a toll-free phone number. Universal is releasing “Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas” starring Jim Carrey on Nov. 17th. Wells is charging a $4.99 fee for each gift card you order. The gift card is also subject to a $2.50 per month service fee beginning in the seventh month after the Gift Card is issued. The monthly fee is deducted from the remaining value of the card until it expires or the card’s value equals $0.00. Wells is offering the card in values ranging from $20 to $9,999. The Wells Fargo Holiday Season Grinch VISA Gift Card will also participate in the “VISA and the Grinch Give Back the Holidays! Consumer Sweepstakes” which gets underway this week. The new card can be obtained through a link on the Wells Fargo home page,, key word Grinch, or accessed via phone, at 1-877-230-5981.

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