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Black Friday

While the busiest shopping day is the day before Christmas, the benchmark day for the holiday shopping season is Thanksgiving Friday. Also known as Black Friday, November 24 will be the first real measure of consumer holiday spirit. It is expected that credit card terminals will process as many as 6,000 transactions per second on Black Friday. The projected level of card activity for the weekend before Christmas could hit 8,000 transactions per second. VISA, which represents half of the U.S. payment card market, says it expects to process a peak of 4,100 transactions per second on Saturday, December 23. VISA’s network can handle up to 5,000 transactions per second. However more and more consumers will avoid the jammed parking lots on the Thanksgiving and Christmas weekends by shopping online. About $15 billion is expected to be charged by consumers shopping on the Internet during this year’s holiday season.

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