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Business Card Miles

The business credit card market is rapidly heating up as some issuers enhance their offerings with air miles. This week Ohio-based National City unveiled the Business FirstAir VISA Platinum credit card. As part of a special introductory offer, small business customers will receive one and a half points for each dollar spent during the first three months after receiving the card. Under the program, Business FirstAir offers cardholders one air mile point for every dollar purchased with the card. Small business owners also receive a reconciliation of points earned and redeemed that month, and total points accumulated which each monthly account statement. Cardholders may redeem travel points on any participating airline with no black-out dates. Since the free tickets are purchased by a third party, cardholders can still earn miles on any airline frequent flyer programs they belong to. Free travel is earned with as little as 20,000 points instead of the usual 25,000 required by most major carriers. National City is offering a six month prime -1% intro rate followed by a on-going prime +3.9% APR. The program requires a $60 annual fee for the first card and $35 per year for each additional card. Last month, Capital One introduced the ‘MilesOne Business Platinum VISA’ which offers air miles with redemption levels as low as 18,000 points and a 0% intro APR. For more information about Business FirstAir, small business owners can visit any National City branch, or call 1-888-NCB-4BIZ (1-888-622-4249).

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