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Mileage Plus++

If you are a frequent flyer with United Airlines you may be eligible for a triple bonus. United Airlines’ customer service problems earlier this year have given way to a windfall for cardholders of its Mileage Plus loyalty card and its First USA Mileage Plus VISA co-branded bank credit card. The troubled airline is awarding special bonus miles, changed its frequent flyer status thresholds, and is now offering its most frequent flyers confirmed upgrades on North American flights. To reach the Premier status for 2001, cardholders will only need to fly 21,000 actual miles instead of the normal 25,000 air miles. Frequent flyers logging 42,000 miles during 2000 will be able to achieve Premier Executive status for 2001, compared to the 50,000 air miles usually required. United Airlines’ most elite status, the 1K level will only require 84,000 miles this year compared to the 100,000 miles normally required. United says the changes in status requirements is for this year only and will not be repeated. The airlines says the changes are a concession to travelers who were not able to meet its normal criteria due to the high number of cancelled flights it encountered with a pilot labor action in the first half of 2000. Last week United began notifying its Premier level members that it is also awarding them complimentary upgrades on top of the reduced status requirements. In August, United announced that Mileage Plus Premier members will receive an additional bonus for United flights between May 1 and December 31. Premier members will receive an extra 25% bonus for flights, while Premier Executive and 1K members will receive a 100% bonus. For more information visit>.

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