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Carte Blanche Returns

Credit cards geared to high rollers picked up another player this month. Diners Club, owned by Citigroup, is reviving its Carte Blanche card for the well-heeled. The new card will compete with the likes the VISA Infinite & Signature cards, American Express Platinum & Centurion cards, and the World MasterCard. The Carte Blanche card carries a $300 annual fee and offers the best of credit card perks. For example, fly British Airways from the U.S. coach, business, or first class and you will able to share your adventure using a complimentary same-class ticket for a traveling companion. Cardholders are enrolled in the Club Rewards which enables cardholders to earn two Club Rewards points for every eligible dollar charged, with no expiration date and no limit to the points earned. Points may be redeemed for miles on all major U.S. and selected international airlines, hotel stays, car rentals, resort vacations, name-brand merchandise, and more. Carte Blanche cardholders also get access, for up to three guests, to many of the world’s finest private, semi-private and public golf courses. Participating championship courses include St. Andrews Old Course Hotel and Gleneagles in Scotland, plus more than 200 others throughout Europe, South America, Africa, and the United States. Cardholders receive a personal leather-bound copy of the Executive Golf Club directory which contains course descriptions and full color photos. Traveling or busy cardholders who cannot make the monthly payment have the option of paying the account in the next billing period, for two full billing cycles (from 55 to 62 days)of interest-free float. There is also no preset spending limit. Carte Blanche spending limits are determined by spending habits, payment patterns, and personal resources. For more information visit:

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