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Sound Of Money

Don’t be surprised when your PC, cell phone or PDA makes a swoosh sound when using your VISA card. This week VISA International announced it has introduced a new animated logo with a unique sound similar to the familiar Intel logo. The new animated logo and sound will signal that a VISA product is being used for payment where a physical payment card may not be present, such as personal computers, mobile phones or personal digital assistants. In commerce channels, the VISA sound and the animated VISA brand acceptance logo (flag) will appear for approximately two seconds as a transaction is made. VISA says the VISA-branded sound will be associated with the VISA brand exclusively to signal it as the best payment choice in this new world of u-commerce. U-commerce, or “universal” commerce is VISA’s vision of an emerging payments future where commerce can be conducted anywhere, anytime, anyway, with a variety of new and emerging payment devices such as mobile phones, PDAs and set-top boxes. One of VISA’s marketing partners, MedicinePlanet, will be the first online company to incorporate the new VISA animation and sound into its payment process. The sound and animation for the VISA brand were created by AGENCY.COM and Animation Dynamics.

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