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Revealing Scores

The mystery of credit scores is fading away as one of the big three credit bureaus is gearing up to reveal and analyze the info for consumers. Equifax, the credit bureau, and Fair, Isaac, the credit scoring technologists, are unveiling a new online credit score service that will provide consumers with an individual Equifax Credit Profile, a BEACON score and a personalized score analysis. The FICO® score is also calculated on the Equifax Credit Profile. Equifax is the first consumer-reporting agency to offer consumers insights into the factors evaluated by Fair, Isaac to arrive at FICO® credit risk scores. The new score explanation service represents a continuation of ongoing consumer initiatives for both companies. Equifax was the first credit-reporting agency to offer consumers online access for the Equifax Credit Profile, and has recently launched a new monitoring service, Credit Watch, which alerts consumers within 24 hours of any change to their credit file. For details on the new service visit

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