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Striking Gold

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Credit card colors range from green to black and from silver to titanium. However the saturation of platinum card marketing has ignited the re-discovery of gold colored credit cards. Over the past few months Capital One has led the pack by offering a new version of VISA Gold. Now Discover has launched a major pre-approved campaign for the new Gold Discover Card. The new Gold Discover does not offer the popular Cashback Bonus enhancement but does offers a modified version of the cash rewards program. The Discover Gold Rewards program offers a $20 cash rebate for each $2,000 in annual card purchases. Discover has capped annual rewards at $500 per account. The new card carries no annual fee and a 14.99%, fixed, on-going APR. The Gold card also offers a special short-term APR on balance transfers of 1.9%. The Discover Gold Card offers a minimum credit line of $1,200 and a $50,000 maximum.

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