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The nation’s top credit reporting bureaus are pulling up their skirts to give consumers a full view of their personal credit files. While Equifax and Experian offer online access to credit files and the dispute process, both firms are gearing up to reveal personal credit scores. This week, Experian announced that by summer consumers will be able to access risk scores online as well as an education resource about how to interpret the scores and steps to take to improve the scores which range from 340 to 820. Exoerian will offer the score information via its new web site The risk score will be available for $6. Last month, Equifax announced it will shortly make available an online package of consumer credit information that includes an individual Equifax Credit Profile, a BEACON score, and a personalized score analysis. The FICO® score is also calculated on the Equifax Credit Profile. The services are available via Equifax’s web site http//

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