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Tax Miles

Charging personal income taxes is getting sweeter as American Express is now awarding double air miles to cardholders of its Delta co-branded credit cards. Under a special promotion for this tax season, holders of Classic, Gold or Platinum Delta SkyMiles credit cards will earn double SkyMiles when they use their card to pay individual federal taxes between February 15 and April 16. Corporate cardholders and holders of the Delta SkyMiles Options card will not be eligible for the extra miles. Participants in Membership Rewards will likewise not receive bonus points for tax payments. AmEx also announced this week it has added a new third party payment processor for credit card tax payments. PhoneCharge, Inc. will be used for the first time this year by AmEx. Since 1999, AmEx has exclusively used Official Payments Corp. as its third party payment processor. In addition to charging federal tax payments AmEx cards can be used to charge state income taxes in 17 states and the District of Columbia, nearly double the number of states that accepted AmEx cards for tax payments last year. For more information on paying taxes with credit cards, contact Official Payments Corporation ( or PhoneCharge, Inc. ( Taxpayers can also pay via telephone by calling Official Payments at 1-800-2PAY-TAX or PhoneCharge at 1-888-ALLTAXX. For more information about the Delta SkyMiles Credit Card, consumers can call 1-800-SKY-MILE.

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