Consumer Payment Card News


As general interest rates drop so are credit card teaser rates. Several of the nation’s top issuers have renewed solicitations for bank credit cards with 0% introductory APRs with no-annual-fee. This week Capital One and Citibank unleashed cut-throat “zero-zero” offers. Capital One is now offering a 0% intro APR and no-fee on its VISA Business Platinum card. According to CardWatch (, the 0% APR runs through the August billing cycle and is followed by a fixed 9.9% interest rate on Cap One’s Platinum I business card. Platinum II business cards carry a fixed 15.9% APR while the regular Cap One VISA Business card carries a fixed 19.8% APR with $29 annual fee. Meanwhile Citibank has mail dropped offers this week for a Mellon Platinum MasterCard featuring a six-month 0% APR on purchases and no-annual-fee, according to CardWatch. Citi is charging a go-to interest rate of prime +5.99% for Platinum accounts and prime +7.99% for Standard accounts. The 0% APRs offered by Cap One and Citi apply only to new purchases. For balance transfers Cap One offers a rate as low as 9.9% while Citi is offering a six-month fixed 8.99% rate. In early February Discover also launched a “zero-zero” offer with the introduction of its new ‘Discover Gold Card’.

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