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Free Scores

Do you know your credit score ? If not, here is an opportunity to learn your credit score and understand exactly what goes into computing a personal credit rating. E-LOAN has partnered with CreditXpert to make these credit scores and analyses available to consumer without charge, starting this week. E-LOAN began providing credit scores in February of last year, free of charge to consumers via its website, but terminated the service after complaints were filed by the major credit bureaus. The nation’s top three consumer credit tracking services were concerned that consumers, armed with the knowledge of how credit scores work, might start gaming the system. Since then E-LOAN has actively lobbied for consumers’ right to access credit scores and helped pass the Figueroa bill in California. With E-LOAN’s revived service, consumers receive personalized guidance to help them interpret their score, including the factors that are most significantly impacting their score. In addition to this free service, when the consumer applies for a loan they receive a more detailed report that recommends very specific actions they can take and the potential score increase associated with taking those actions. By logging onto, clicking on the “Free Credit Scores” link and answering a brief series of questions, consumers can access their credit score and credit score analysis online. The confidentiality and security of all personal information is protected through advanced encryption technology, password protection, and E-LOAN’s stringent privacy policy and practices, which are independently audited by PriceWaterhouse Coopers. E-LOAN does not sell consumer data to any third parties and will not share consumer data with any third parties without their consent except for the express purpose of completing a loan transaction or obtaining credit score information.

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