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“Gamers” and “Rate Surfers” beware! One of the nation’s largest consumer credit bureaus has come up with a new service to help card issuers sniff out what type of cardholder you will most likely become. Experian launched Trend View this week to help credit card issuers retain and attract profitable cardholders by analyzing credit card usage patterns of their current and prospective customers. Trend View enables card issuers to identify “gamers,” those consumers who quickly move from card to card or don’t fully use their open cards. Experian has developed three proprietary algorithms that identify “Rate Surfer”, “Revolver” and “Transactor” behavior. “Rate Surfers” shift usage between credit cards based upon interest rates. “Revolvers” carry balances on their credit cards and “Transactors” pay off credit card balances monthly. Eight “Rate Surfer” and 24 “Revolver/Transactor” attributes can be delivered as part of account review or acquisition activities. Trend View is based on data stored directly on Experian’s File One database that is fully compliant with Fair Credit Reporting Act. Experian matches monthly balances and credit limits and provides monthly updates that reflect up to 24 months of credit card balance history at the trade account level. For more information visit

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