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Mum's Day

Americans use their credit cards for Mother’s Day purchases more than they do for Valentine’s Day or Father’s Day. The most popular gift for this weekend’s Mother’s Day will be flowers. However mothers prefer a Sunday brunch rather than flowers, according to MasterCard’s recent Mother’s Day survey of 1,000 American adults. According to the survey, residents of the West and the South spend the most on Mother’s Day gifts, with an average of $39.50 and $39.10 spent per gift respectively. Close behind is the Northeast, with an estimated $31.10 per gift. The Midwest spends the least with an average of $27.10 per gift, more than 30% less than the top-spending West. From a gender perspective, men were the big spenders on mom. Men will outspend women by more than 60% with an average of $45.40 spent on a Mother’s Day gift, with women parting with only $28.60 per gift.

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