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Score Boosting

The nation’s top consumer credit bureaus want to help you boost your credit score. Last week, NextCard launched an Internet based credit management and credit education service provided by Experian which offers the ability to compare personal credit scores. A few months ago Equifax and Fair, Isaac teamed up to offer credit scores with a personalized analysis. The Experian program enables consumers to receive score factors, education about how to interpret them and suggested steps to take in improving their scores. The Experian risk score is available for $6 while the price of the credit report is the standard $8.50. The Equifax and Fair, Isaac program is called Score Power. The new service also includes an Equifax Credit Profile and a personalized analysis of the score along with suggestions for improving and maintaining it. The introductory price for Score Power is $12.95. For more information visit Score Power online at or Also check out

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