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May has always been a hot month for credit card offers and even though we are in an economic downturn, the offers keep on comin. But now, more than ever, you need to look for credit cards that give you the best bang for the buck. Make sure you know the costs associated with the cards you use and compare the benefits you receive for the fees you pay. American Express reminds consumers that spending money on a credit card can be a more rewarding experience than spending cash since many issuers provide a rebate or rewards program. American Express also recommends using your credit card as a budgeting tool in this uncertain economy. Tracking spending on a credit card can be easier than keeping track of where you spend cash. Don’t forget the Internet! The Internet continues to be a great resource for managing money and stretching a dollar. Also many credit card companies now offer online access to credit card information to help you stay on top of things. Shopping online is another way to trim costs. And, since you can shop from home, you’re already saving on gas and parking fees. Comparison shopping on the net is quick and easy. Also, search out major retailers that offer discounts for online purchases and sites that offer free shipping and handling.

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