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Card Stickers

Using credit cards can be a sticky situation if you are maxed out. Perhaps a few stickers on your credit cards can help. The San Diego-based Institute for Consumer Financial Education launched a new initiative this month to help consumers control credit card usage. The ICFE is offering Credit Card Warnings Labels. There are four versions of the labels: “Can I Afford It?”; “Should I Charge It?”; “Warning — Overuse is Dangerous” and “If You Can Eat It, Drink It, or Wear It . . . It is NOT an EMERGENCY”. Consumers may order an assortment of ten labels for $2. The nonprofit ICFE is the successor to the National Center for Financial Education. In the recession of 1990-91 the NCFE offered Credit Card Condoms (small, credit card size, spun-bonded olefin envelopes) to consumers “afflicted with unsafe spending habits”. The “Credit Card Condom” came with “Instructions for Use and Preventing Debt.” The ‘Credit Card Condoms’ were part of NCFE’s ‘Safe Charge Kit’. For more information visit

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