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Chase i-Card

A new Internet-centric MasterCard was introduced this week that offers rewards in the form of a re-loadable, prepaid MasterCard. The new Chase i-Card enables cardholders to earn a 1% reward on each purchase made with the card, online or offline, with rewards received in the form of a Webcertificate, the online gift certificate developed by Ecount. When a value of $10.00 in rewards is reached, Ecount will send an e-mail notification to the cardholder that a Webcertificate reward has been earned. This online gift certificate is a re-loadable pre-paid online MasterCard debit card. The Chase i-Card has no annual fee and an introductory APR of 2.99% for six months on all purchases and balance transfers. The go-to APR ranges from prime +4.49% to +9.49%. The lowest rates are offered to relationship customers who qualify for the Platinum version. The new card also offers a free Chase Companion e-wallet to store account numbers and addresses in one location and organize merchant records; online account access; Chase Online Shopping Guarantee providing security to cardholders by guaranteeing they will not be held liable for any unauthorized online purchases; and special Chase online offers to take advantage of monthly discounts from select merchants. For more information visit

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