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CardLess Cashtown

Residents of Cashtown are putting their credit cards in the sock drawer for 100 hours next week. New Jersey-based Champion Mortgage is launching the “Great American Credit Card Swipeout” asking the 9,000 families of Cashtown, Pennsylvania and the surrounding area to sign a pledge to use only cash for all their consumer needs for the four days beginning at 8:00 a.m., July 31. The Champion “Swipeout” is part of an effort by the mortgage company to educate consumers nationally about smart borrowing and strong personal financial habits. The publicity stunt is also intended to call attention to Champion’s “Best Financial Practices Index”. Those taking the pledge are being asked to bring their pledge cards to the school grounds that morning, where they can also register to win $5,000 in a drawing. Why Cashtown? The town was named in 1797 after the local innkeeper demanded cash payment for all food and lodging. The Cashtown Inn served for two days as the headquarters for the Confederate troops. For more information about Champion Mortgage’s products and services, visit

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