Consumer Payment Card News


Using credit cards to make purchases online will be a more secure process this fall as the new Verified by VISA program takes effect. The new program enables VISA card issuers to validate the identity of their cardholders in real time, with passwords, during online payment transactions. VISA cardholders activate Verified by VISA on their accounts by selecting personalized passwords that become their online “signature” for web purchases. Each time cardholders make purchases at participating online stores, they are automatically presented with a Verified by Visa window where they enter their personalized password. Verified by Visa significantly minimizes fraud and customer disputes because only the cardholder and their card issuer know the password. So far, 50 online merchants and other e-commerce service providers have agreed to integrate the special software into their payment servers, including,, Ashford, CDNOW, Dell,, OfficeMax,, and In addition, will offer Verified by VISA to their eStore clients. Some online retailers, including, eCongo and, have already implemented the program. Bank of America, First USA, Fleet, Providian, SouthTrust and SunTrust have also agreed to participate in the new program. For more information visit

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