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Interlink Revolt

The stink over new merchant fees for the Interlink debit card is spreading. This week Florida-based Publix Super Markets says it will no longer accept VISA’s ‘Interlink’ point-of-sale debit cards effective October 13. The grocery store chain is the third retailer to announce the Interlink action. Publix has 673 stores in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Alabama. Last week, Racetrac Petroleum, a gasoline convenience store retailer that operates stores in twelve Southeastern states, announced it will stop accepting Interlink debit cards next month. Two weeks ago, Wal-Mart Stores announced it will not accept VISA’s Interlink on-line debit cards in its 2,700 stores, effective October 13. If you have a bankcard then look on the reverse side. If the only logo listed is the Interlink logo, then you will be SOL to use at Wal-Mart, RaceTrac or Publix after mid-October. On October 13th, VISA’s new rate schedule goes into effect which will raise the merchant fee from 20 cents to 45 cents per transaction. More than 50 million cards carry the Interlink logo with most of the U.S. cardholders located on the west coast, where the network was established. There are more than 675,000 Interlink merchant acceptance locations in the U.S. VISA made the decision in June to boost Interlink transaction fees for most merchants from 45 basis points (0.45%) +3 cents with a 20 cents maximum to 65 basis points (0.65%) +12 cents with a 45 cents maximum. For more information visit

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