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Flag Card

The sudden burst of patriotism coming from the recent horrible acts of terrorism against civilians, may be a boon for one major American credit card issuer. In June, Discover began heavily promoting its series of American Flag Cards and now, following the twin disasters in New York and Washington, the card issuer has added disaster relief funding program tied to all its 41 million cards. Starting this week, the Discover Card will make a donation to the relief efforts for every transaction Discover cardholders make until the goal of $5 million is achieved. Discover cardholders will also be able to donate their annual Cashback Bonus awards to the relief funds. The Discover American Flag Card was launched in 1999. The card is now available with the American Flag on the face or with a picture of Amber Waves of Grain or Purple Mountains. Discover’s most recent offer for the American Flag Platinum card includes a 1.7% introductory APR on balance transfers, that may also apply to new purchases. The Platinum version also carries a 2% Cashback Bonus program. For more information visit or call 1-800-DISCOVER.

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