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Double Perks

Consumers are beginning to be bombarded with unprecedented incentives to start traveling again. This week Marriott announced it is extending and expanding its rewards program. Last week Delta announced the most aggressive promotion ever to entice its frequent flyer members and credit cardholders to return to the skies. Under the Marriott promotion members can earn double points and double night credit toward special elite status by paying for stays with a VISA card. The promotion will run from Oct. 15 through March 31, 2002. As an added bonus, the timeframe for achieving elite status has been extended to March 31, giving members 15 months, rather than the normal 12 months, to reach their desired elite threshold and benefits. In addition to earning double points and double night credit toward elite status when paying with VISA, Marriott Rewards members can receive a free weekend night for every three paid weekend nights spent with Marriott through Dec. 23, 2001, with the ongoing Marriott’s Rewarding Weekends offer. For more information visit .

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