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ID+ Card

College identification cards have been taken to a new level with the introduction of the smart Penn State id+ Card. Beginning next spring, Penn State students, faculty and staff who are customers of PNC Bank will have the option of linking their id+ card to a PNC Bank checking account. The card can then be used as a MAC/ATM card. In addition to providing account access, the card can also be used for campus-related purposes such as entering residence halls, checking out library books and accessing meal plans at campus restaurants. The card is also a smart card which enables customers to store up to $99 of LionCash value for use at campus vending machines, copiers, laundry machines and at participating merchants. Through its University Banking program, PNC Bank offers the Student Plan, a package of accounts and other services for student customers, including a free PNC Bank check card that can be used with no transaction fees at more than 3,200 PNC Bank ATMs and to make purchases anywhere Visa is accepted. For more information visit: or

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