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Montage Card

Diners Club has unwrapped its first revolving credit card in the United States. The new card also enables cardholders to customize their perks. The Diners Club Montage Card offers three membership levels: Complimentary Benefits, Selected Benefits and Complete Benefits. Complimentary Benefits, which carries no annual fee, includes such benefits as travel accident insurance, a restaurant savings program, free add-on cards for family, an international travel service, and excess car rental insurance. Selected Benefits, with a $25 annual fee, provide six benefit options which cardholders can select any or all of the benefits and interchange them regularly without impacting their fee. Complete Benefits which carries a $75 annual fee, includes both Complimentary and Selected Benefits plus access to the Club Rewards program. One year ago, Diners Club revived its Carte Blanche card with carries a $300 annual fee and offers the best of credit card perks. For more information:

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