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Dining VISA

If you’re thinking about buying a gift card for a dining experience, you no longer have to be hemmed-in with a specific restaurant. This week, Mississippi-based The Dinnerguest Company unveiled a prepaid VISA gift card that can be used at nearly any restaurant in the world. The Dinnerguest Card is available online and in denominations ranging from $25 to $500. The company is charging a $5 user fee and a $17 fee for two-day rush processing. Otherwise the processing fee is $1.00. The Dinnerguest Card contains the gift recipient’s name and an expiration date. The Dinnerguest Card also arrives with a formal note from the sender that also includes the amount of the gift that is pre-loaded on the card. The new card is the innovation of life-long restaurateur Bill Latham, owner of Amerigo Restaurants, an Italian restaurant concept in the southeastern United States. For more information:

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