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Business credit cards keep getting sweeter. This week Bank of America is hitting business owners’ mailboxes with a solicitation for its new Dividend Miles VISA Business Card. Under the business card version of the US Airways/Bank of America co-branded program, cardholders earn one Dividend Mile for each $1 spent in net purchases and two miles for every $1 spent on US Airways goods and services. The business owner also will receive 5,000 bonus miles after the first purchase is made using the card, one complimentary US Airways Club pass each year and a 10% discount on Dividend Incentives purchases. Business owners will also earn Dividend Miles purchases made by their employees with all miles credited to one account designated by the business owner. BofA is also offering credit limits up to $50,000. The new business air miles card carries a $75 annual fee for the company account, and a $15 annual fee for each card. The APR is a variable prime +9.9% with no floor. The US Airways’ ‘Dividend Miles’ program offers the lowest redemption level of any major carrier. Off-peak travel within the U.S. Canada requires only 20,000 miles and off-peak travel to Europe is only 40,000 miles. For more information visit or

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