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Speedy Checkout

The days of standing in a long checkout line may soon end as new gizmos hit the market this week for retail merchants. The new handlheld, wireless devices enable store associates to tally customers’ purchases while they are standing in line, thus speeding up the time spent to complete the transaction at the credit card terminal. At the National Retail Federation Convention and Expo this week in New York, the hottest gizmos demonstrated came from NCR, Fujitsu, and @pos. The featherweight Fujitsu ‘iPAD’ combines scanner, magnetic-card and smart-card reader, and keypad with encryption and wireless capabilities. The ‘@pos MX1000’ device fully integrates credit card payment processing, signature capture, and inventory data collection. The terminal is a wireless solution for inventory management, instant data retrieval, restaurants, route delivery or any environment where a mobile appliance is needed. The ‘MX1000’ has a large backlit graphic LCD display, pressure sensitive touch pad, and integrated key pad which can be soft programmed to meet the retailer’s needs. With the built-in laser scanner, the ‘MX1000’ can read barcodes for merchandise data collection. NCR introduced its ‘Advanced [email protected] Merchandise’ software platform which can be integrated with Web-enabled PDAs, including the ‘Symbol PPT 2800’ portable pen terminal. For more information visit or

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