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Debt Crunch

About three-fourths of Americans say credit card debts are making their home lives unhappy as 45% have a debt-to-income ratio of 50% or more. Also 57% of adults are tightening their purse strings, with 66% willing to take a second job, and more than 70% cutting back on dining out and vacations. The findings come from surveys conducted by Florida-based Consolidated Credit Counseling Services, Inc. and San Francisco-based Consumer Action in association with Capital One. The CCCS online survey of 5,000 participants, also found that 80% of consumers state that their credit cards are at or near their maximum credit limit, and that 37% have taken cash advances from one credit card to make monthly payments on another credit card. More than seven out of ten consumers pay the minimum amount due on credit cards each month, according to the survey. Consolidated Credit Counseling Services also found that 56% fear that their employer, family or friends will find out the magnitude of their debt, 50% of participants do not have a savings account, and 92% do not have an emergency fund for 3 months of living expenses. Meanwhile, the survey conducted by ‘Money Wi$e’, a joint partnership of San Francisco-based Consumer Action and VA-based Capital One, found that while most Americans would cut back on leisure spending, 38% would consider cashing out CDs, stocks or bonds, and some would stop depositing into savings and retirement accounts.

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