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Card Scam

The Federal Trade Commission has reached court settlements with two companies for allegedly telemarketing worthless credit card protection insurance to consumers nationwide. Stemming from a complaint brought in the FTC’s “Operation Protection Deception” law enforcement sweep, the judgments settle allegations that defendants Consumer Repair Services, Inc. and Manhattan West Marketing violated both the ‘FTC Act’ and the ‘Telemarketing Sales Rule’ in connection with the sale and marketing of credit card loss protection programs. CRS is a Georgia-based corporation. MWM is a Nevada corporation located in North Hollywood, California. According to the FTC, from late 1999 to October of 2000, CRS used various boiler rooms to cold-call consumers informing them that their credit card numbers were available on the Internet and could be used to make unauthorized charges. CRS allegedly claimed that for $295 the company would protect consumers against such charges, repaying them for any unauthorized charges that were made. MWM allegedly provided CRS’s fulfillment services and contracted to telemarket its credit card loss protection service. For more information visit

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